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  School Publications  

Parents, Students, Community
2018-2019 Program of Studies and Course Selection Guide
2017-2018 Parent/Student Code of Conduct
2017 - 2018 Registration Form
2017-2018 Parent/Student Information Forms
2017 - 2018 AP Exam Forms
ACT Recognition Form
ACT Test Biscuit Order Form
ACTC Course Description Book
Athletics Physical Form
Autauga County Schools Information Form
Autauga County Schools Transportation Form
Bullying Complaint Form
Dual Enrollment Application Guide for AUM
State Department Enrollment Form
Student Parking Permit Application
Faculty and Staff
Field Trip Forms
Faculty and Staff >> Forms
Leave Of Absence Form 5/31/2019
Leave Request Form 2/20/2019
Workshop Approval Form FY18 6/4/2018
Travel Reimbursement Form ( 2018) 1/10/2018
Revised Discipline Form 8/1/2017
Facility Use Agreement 6/18/2016
"Daily Announcements" Form 2/4/2016
Cell Phone Service Request Form 10/2/2014
DHR Form For Mandatory Reporting 8/18/2014
ACT Recognition Form 2/24/2014
Seclusion and Restraint Policy 2013 8/19/2013
ACBOE Fundraiser Approval Form 8/9/2013
Lesson Plans Form 4/9/2013
PHS - Internal Transfer Form 9/6/2012
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PHS - Purchase Order Request 9/6/2012
PHS - Activity Deposit 9/6/2012
PHS Video Approval Form 8/7/2012