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Subjects Taught
Physical Science




Phone:  517-6078

Physical science is an introduction into the study of matter and energy.  We will be exploring both chemistry and physics concepts.       Studying is a must.  I expect my students to study their notes on average 30 minutes per night.  Don’t ask if they have homework, they always have homework.  Set a time aside for expected study.  

Chemistry and physics concepts build on each other from chapter to chapter.  Students must learn the material rather than just memorize.  We incorporate some memorization with math, reading comprehension, and analytical skills.  My focus is to teach the students how to apply the terms, concepts, data, and calculations in critical thinking processes. 

To be successful: 

It is my job to push the student beyond their current comfort level.  No skill is improved if we aren't pushed beyond our current mastery. 

Students should:                            

  • Be attentive and be diligent taking notes in class.
  • Be dedicated to a routine of “active studying” (see study suggestions).
  • Study ~30 minutes every night. (some require more time, some less)
  • Ask questions!!!  Before class, in class, after class, in the hall (Utilize office hours)

Office Hours: 

6:30 - 7:40am everyday.  This is for any help.  Come prepared with attempted work and questions.

 ** All make up tests should be taken the first morning the student returns to school during office hours

Calculator required: 

No TI-80 (or above) will be allowed during tests.  A simple scientific calculator with exponential function will do (e.g. TI-30).               Absolutely no sharing of calculators during tests.


    Honors        65%  Tests         25%  Labs and Quizzes           10%  Homework and class work

    General       55% Tests          40% Labs and Quizzes              5% Homework and class work


  • All ACBOE and PHS rules of conduct will apply in my classroom.
  • No cell phones, ipods, ipads, gaming devices, fidget spinners, or any other distraction will be allowed in class.                               These will be taken to the office where a parent must claim the item after school.