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2016-2017 Career Preparedness Syllabus

Instructor:  Mrs. Vaneshia Hood


Room:  Lab B


Course Description:        The Career Preparedness course focuses on three integrated areas of instruction - academic planning and career development, financial literacy, and technology. Course content ranges from college and career preparation to computer literacy skills to ways to manage personal finances and reduce personal risk. Designed to be interwoven throughout course instruction, is the area of technology. Mastery of the content standards provides a strong foundation for student acquisition of the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that enables them to achieve success in school, at work, and across the life span.

CA is a year long, one credit course that meets the computer course requirement for graduation.

Prerequisite: None

Required Materials:       Notebook for note taking (3 ring binder)/Notebook Paper; 5 tab dividers; Pen/ Pencil; Ear buds or head phones

Supplies/Donation:        Prattville High School is asking all students enrolled in the Career Preparedness course to give a $20 donation. Students who do not give a donation or supplies will NOT be allowed to print any of his/her class work or any other documents from my class or others. This donation will be used to purchase supplies necessary for the operation of the computer lab (ex. Ink, toner, paper, etc.).  Please make checks payable to Prattville High School or PHS.

Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) is a co-curricular component of Career Prep. Students are encouraged to become participating members of the organization that enhances classroom instruction, helps develop leadership skills, and provides opportunities for professional growth and service. FBLA club dues are $15.

Optional Supplies:         Paper Towels, Hand Sanitizer, Lysol cleaning wipes or spray, air freshener, and Kleenex


Course Outline

Semester 1

Personal Decision Making                                                           

Academic Planning and Career Development                     

Technology Skill Applications


Semester 2

Managing Finances and Budgeting

Saving and Investing

Banking and Financial Institutions

Credit and Debt

Risk Management and Insurance



The student will be able to:

1.       Demonstrate knowledge of a systematic approach to a decision-making process, including factors regarding academic planning and career development, financial literacy, and technology.

2.       Understand the effect of workplace behaviors.

3.       Analyze personal skills, interests, and abilities and relate them to current career opportunities.

4.       Examine the employment process, including searching for a job, filling out a job application, writing a resume, developing and practicing interview skills, and completing required employment forms.

5.       Diagnose problems with hardware, software, and advanced network systems.

6.       Compare functions of various operating systems.

7.       Analyze cultural social, economic, environmental, and political effects, and trends of technology to assess emerging technologies and forecast innovations.

8.       Demonstrate appropriate digital citizenship through safe, ethical, and legal use of technology systems and digital content.


Grading Procedures

Student grades will be determined by weighted averages in the following categories: Project/Test, Class work, and Executive skills (bell ringer, participation, etc.). Each graded assignment is graded on a 100 point scale.

*Progress reports will be distributed to all students halfway into each nine weeks. I give bonus points to the students who get progress reports signed and returned within two days of receiving them.                                                  

Test/Projects: 65%

Classwork: 30%

Executive Skills: 5%

 20% Mid-Term – the mid-term exam will count no more than 20% of the first quarter grade.

A Note on Absences and Make-up Work:

Attendance is very important to your success in class. Make up work is allowed for excused absences. ACBOE policies for makeup work is as followed: I will take late work for a reduction of 5 points per day that it is late. This rule does not apply if the student has an excused absence. If the student has an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility to turn in make-up work no more than 5 days after an excused absence. After 5 days have passed, I will no longer accept the assignment. If a student is absent on a test day, it is his or her responsibility to set up a time with me to make up the test. All make-up tests must be taken before or after school. Tests will be announced in advance and a reminder about the test will stay on the board until the day of the test.

Email and Web Page

Email accounts for classroom use will be created using Google. Edmodo will be our class assignment webpage.

Student Contract  

Career Prep Contract


Every person should be able to have a successful experience in Career Preparedness. So that you will know what is expected of you in this class, here is a list of important rules to be followed by all computer students. When everyone goes by these rules, the best behavior and most conducive learning environment can be accomplished.

•1. You are expected to behave as a responsible adult at all times.

•2. This class is a working class-not a free period, play time, or naptime. Since you cannot concentrate and talk at the same time, you will have no need to engage in conversation with classmates.

•3. Tardies are recorded. After the first tardy, you will be required to spend break with the teacher for each tardy thereafter.

•4. Restroom and water breaks will be allocated at the teacher's discretion.

•5. Chewing gum is against the school rules and therefore against my room rules as well.

•6. The Lab is not the place for grooming of any sort. This includes the use of brushes, combs, makeup or mirrors.

•7. No throwing or tossing anything in the computer lab. It is possible that a person could be hurt or a computer may be damaged by something being thrown.

•8. There is no reason to touch or bother anyone else's belongings. If something does not belong to you, whether it is a pencil, eraser, marker, etc, leave it alone. Keep your hands to yourself!

•9. Disrespect and rudeness will not be tolerated. You are expected to be respectful to everyone...teachers, substitutes, and fellow students.

•10. Anything less than your best will not be tolerated. Your grades are based on how hard you work, how much you improve and the amount of time and thought you put into your assignments.

Should any situation arise that I should be made aware of, please do so as soon as possible. I am available during planning and can be reached via email at I look forward to teaching you to "see things differently" this year.

Student Signature _______________________________________________________

Parent Signature ________________________________________________________

Edmodo Letter  

Edmodo Rules

Welcome to Mrs. Hood’s class on Edmodo!

Edmodo is a place to collaborate, or work together, with your teacher and your classmates, share ideas, and post projects. Edmodo provides teachers and students with a secure and easy way to post classroom materials, share links and videos, and access homework, grades and school notices. (Group Code: vzimve)

There are a few rules:

1.        Treat others as you wish to be treated. Just remember, once you post something it’s on the site, you cannot take it back. Here’s a good rule of thumb, or guide, “If you wouldn’t want it said to you or written about you, don’t write it online.”

2.       All submitted work must have proper grammar and punctuation.

3.       All posts, notes, responses to others, and submissions are subject to Mrs. Hood’s approval. If there is a problem please speak to me directly.

4.       You may disagree with someone’s post…that’s OK. You are not allowed to be rude or disrespectful to anyone. If you are unsure how to address someone’s post or comment, please see Mrs. Hood.

5.       Keep all posts school and project related.  Edmodo is not a place to invite friends to a party or talk about whom you saw at the mall last weekend.

School business only!

6.       You and your parents must sign and return the bottom portion of this form.

7.       These rules may change and additional rules may be added at any time by Mrs. Hood.

I look forward to working together and learning from each other!


I have read and agree to the follow the Edmodo Rules.

I give my child permission to use Edmodo in the school setting and at home.  I will hold my child and my family to the norms set.  I will monitor my child’s usage from home and will notify Mrs. Hood if there is any inappropriate activity on the site.

Parent Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________

Parent Name:________________________________________

Student Signature: _________________________________  Date: ___________

Student Name: ______________________________________