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College Ready Standard (s):

117.a. Analyze and interpret data collected through geographic research and field investigations (e.g., relief, topographic, and physiographic maps; rivers; forest types; watersheds) to describe the biodiversity by region for the state of Alabama (e.g., terrestrial, freshwater, marine, endangered, invasive). 


Performance Objective(s)

1.      Students will be able to contrast biomes


 pencils, composition book, text book in class, posters

Activities/ Strategies



1.       (10 min) warm-up In sentence form What are some examples of biomes?

2.      (5 min) use cards to select 3 students at random to explain/discuss

3.      (25 min) part 1 biome bag activity research: Tundra, Taiga, Tropical Rain Forest, Temperate Deciduous, Grassland, desert, chaparral

4.      (5 min) assign new groups

5.      (5 min) clean up