Wendy Baxley

Graduation Coach

334-365-8804 ext: 23030

Role of the Graduation Coach

Identify At-risk Students

  • Conduct an analysis that focuses on data for individual students and subgroups using the prescribed tools and/or assessments 

Develop School-wide Support and Intervention 

  • Work with faculty and administrators to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of identified at-risk students 

Generate School Support and Develop Response to Instruction Team

  • In collaboration with a school's existing leadership team, develop an RtI team that includes administrators, teachers, advisors, and counselors
  • The RtI team will help identify at-risk students; assess school and student needs; and develop and coordinate appropriate interventions

Provide Direct Service and Case Management

  • Develop and implement individual, small group, and whole school intervention and prevention strategies to increase the likelihood that students will stay in school and graduate 

Develop Transition Programs and vertical Teams with Prattville Junior High School

  • Collaborate with PJHS to identify students at-risk of failure
  • Develop  action steps to improve individual student and subgroup transition success rate
  • Collaborate with teachers, counselors, and/or advisors to assure the development of transition programs for 8th graders to help students successfully adapt to the high school experience and rigor 

Assessment and Reporting 

  • Track the progress of individual students and school subgroups as they progress toward and through high school
  • Conduct and analyze on-going formative and summative evaluation data of program effectiveness