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Impact Aid Forms will go out on Monday, November 4th

What is Impact Aid?


Our school system receives funds from the federal government based on parents/guardians who work on federal property or federal contracts, live on federal property or serve in the Armed Forces.

Please complete the form (detailed instructions are located on the back of the form) even if you think you may not qualify.  We can determine if the form qualifies, but we need the form to confirm it.  Please have your child return the Impact Aid Form to their 1st period teacher

Thank you for your help supporting our schools and students!



 **No student drop off before 7:00am**

 **Student must be picked up by 4:00pm** 



Quick Links


  Parchment link

School Events
•  Basketball - JVB, VG, VB vs. Smith Station 3:30 PM
•  Softball Signing 2:00 PM (Mane)
•  Softball Signing 10:00 AM (Mane)
•  Basketball - JVB, VG, VB vs. LAMP 4:30 PM
•  Club Rotation
•  International Feast (Mane) 6 PM - 8 PM
•  Speech & Debate Tournament @ PHS 3 PM - 10 PM
•  Speech & Debate Tournament @ PHS 8 AM - 7 PM
•  Basketball - JVB Thanksgiving Tourney @ Selma TBA
•  Basketball - VB Thanksgiving Tourney at Montgomery TBA
•  Thanksgiving Holidays

Library Events
•  Retired Teacher's Luncheon- Closed 10-2:00
•  Military Chat & Chew- Closed 4th Period
•  NHS 7:20 AM
•  Thanksgiving Break- Closed
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