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E-Learning Day
Posted On:
Monday, December 16, 2019
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The Details!

On Tuesday, March 10th, Prattville High School 11th grade students will be taking the ACT. On that day we will be having an eLearning Day FOR ALL OTHER STUDENTS. Instruction on this day is linked to grade level standards and will reflect a normal school day. This day has been designed because a vast majority of our staff will be participating in the administration of the ACT test.

What will eLearning day look like for students?

This day will affect students in grades 9, 10, and 12. While they will not be physically in the school building, students will be responsible for completing assignments from home. These assignments will be submitted electronically and will be counted as a quiz/daily/test grade (which will be determined by the teacher).

What happens if the assignments are not submitted?

If the assignments are not submitted electronically by midnight on Tuesday, March 10th or as a traditional paper copy on Wednesday, March 11th at the beginning of that class period, it will result in a zero.

What happens if my child needs assistance?

Teachers will be available to students through their school email for immediate email response from 8:00AM-12:00PM.  They will be intermittently available through email from 12:00PM-3:00PM. Teacher emails can be found on the PHS website under the School Staff tab. Your child will know prior to March 10th if their teacher will be giving the ACT and unavailable to assist during these times. Those teachers will inform their students when they will be available.

When will eLearning day assignments be posted?

Assignments will be posted to teacher websites or to chosen platform such as Google Classroom by 8:00pm on Sunday, March 8th for review.


What if we don’t have Internet access at our home?

If Internet accessibility is a concern for any student, the student will need to contact his/her teacher for other arrangements. We will accommodate families with specific needs. We will also have the PHS Media Center open from 8:00-12:00 to allow students to complete assignments.

NOTE: Students will not be penalized if they cannot get Internet service, but they will be responsible for completing the work.

 What if my child, who is a Junior, is absent for the ACT?

Juniors who do not take the ACT will be required to complete all assignments given for their classes on March 10th and will be required to make-up the ACT test on March 31st.

What if I want my child to attend school on that day?

Students who attend school will remain in one area for the entire day to complete their assignments. Lunch will be provided.

What if my child participates in a sport?

Athletic activities will not begin until 2:00.

What if I have more questions concerning eLearning Day?


Please contact Dena McCann at or 365-8804 (ext. 23030) if you have additional questions.


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