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My email address is

Remember to have loose leaf notebook with dividers.

Geom Block Day (Wed 11/8 or Thrs 11/9) - Test 2:5-6

Geo/H Ch 5 Test (Tuesday 3/5/19)

Geo/H Ch 6 Test (Wednesday 3/6/19?????)


1)  PLEASE look at my supply list, accessed by clicking on the link above.


2)  Note all math teachers are asking for a $10 Math Improvement Donation.  We are always spending money for technology, software, white boards, etc. If every student that is able can donate this $10, we can make it stretch a long way!  An example for your $10 is that now I have a document camera for use in my classroom.  I also have a laptop computer that is working in conjunction with my document camera. We are working very hard to make improvements in our math classrooms so that we continually give our students current educational opportunities.  This year our first focus is purchasing Cartesian coordinate plane white boards for math teachers.


3)  I personally am asking for a $10 classroom donation for my classroom. An example for my classroom spending of this money - calculators, manipulatives, graph paper, copy paper, wooden pencils, etc. 


4) I will be using Remind occasionally during the year.

Using your phone:  Text 81010.

  The message for Geometry is @38bkkf.

  The message for Geometry w/Honors is @6agk3f.


5) Please remember I do not allow spiral notebooks in my classroom.  Yes, not even the tear out kind.  Loose-leaf notebooks (1 1/2 inch) are set up with the following dividers:


Divider 1 - Assignments


Divider 2 - Notes


Divider 3 - Vocabulary


Announcement Image for 2/26/19