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Parents, please email me at if you wish to contact me.  The 'EMAIL' button on this site does not always work properly. If you have tried to contact me via this website and not gotten a response, I sincerely apologize. To esure that I receive your email, please email me directly. 

Please know that I do not usually check email after 5pm or on weekends and you will not always get an immediate response during the school day.  I am up teaching during class not in front of my computer.  I will respond as soon as possible, either during my planning, between classes or before/after school.  I welcome your emails and encourage you to ask questions.  



Welcome to Mrs. Slay's Class Website.  I hope you will use this valuable resource throughout the year.  If you have any questions or concerns please email me or schedule a conference.  I am looking forward to a GREAT year! 


Grading of Summer Pre-AP Packet (due Friday 8/10/17 by 8:00 am)

Completion of all five practice sets - 50 points (10 points each) - All problems should be worked out with a final answer boxed in.  No more than two problems per set should be blank in order to receive completion credit.

Completion and self grading of summer algebra 1 practice test -10 points - It does not matter what you made on the practice test.  Be honest.  I want to see how you did on this practice test.  You receive 10 points for taking the test and grading yourself honestly.

Proper formatting of summer packet - 10 points - ALL instructions must be followed exactly as they are written in the packet in order to receive the full ten points.  Mathematics requires you to be PRECISE and follow directions!

1 randomly selected practice set graded for correctness/accuracy - 30 points (1 point deducted for each incorrect answer up to max of 30 points off)

The summer assignment is a major grade.  (The average of major grades in a PreAP mathematics course is 70 percent of the total grade for the quarter and there are generally 4 to 5 major grades per quarter.  Students CAN NOT afford ANY ZEROS!)

An in-class test similar to the practice test will be given on Friday 8/17/18. You will not have your packets back before 8/18 so you may want to make a copy of the practice test before you turn in your work.

For those that signed and received their packet at the end of the last school year, PROJECTS will NOT BE ACCEPTED after 8/10/17 so you must turn in what you have done at that point.  Projects turned in on 8/10 after 8 am will be assessed a 15 point penalty.  Projects will not be accepted after the student's regular class period.  In short, students will not have the opportunity to work on projects or copy from others if they have not done the work.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Military students, exchange students and other students entering PreAP late due to schedule changes verified by the front office - an extension will be given.  The adjusted due date for these students will be Friday 8/31/18; however, they are encouraged to finish the packet as soon as possible in order to be successful in Quarter 1.    No work will be accepted after 8/31/18 for students receivng an extension.   A '1' will be recorded in INOW for the summer assignment until the packet is received.  If not received by 8/31/18, a grade of zero will be given.

REMIND 101  

To sign up for my text reminders, please sign up for REMIND101.  I use this text service frequently.  Parents and Students will benefit from these regular reminders.  Stay informed! 

When signing up for remind, please use your first and last name, not shortened or nicknames. 

Remind 101 recently added a feature that allows students to send the teacher a direct message.  These messages should be reserved for information related to assignments only.  Any messaging not related to class assignments will result in immediate disciplinary action.

FOR Pre AP ALGEBRA 2 WITH TRIG:  Text @apat18 to 81010

For Leadership:  Text                 to 81010



Many parents express concern that their child will not ask questions when they do not understand something in class.  It is EXTREMELY important that students ask questions and I work very hard to create a fun environment where students are comfortable with themselves and their classmates.  Every member of the class benefits from student questions and it helps me see where there is confusion.  I NEED the students to ask questions and I hope that you will continue to encourage your child to ask anything and everything they need to know about math. 

This is the reason I call on each and every student in class.  In many cases, we learn MORE from an incorrect response than we do from a correct response.  I strive to provide a safe environment where all questions and all responses are valued as part of the learning process. 

If your child has ANY fear in asking questions, please let me know via email IMMEDIATELY and I will be happy to talk to them privately.

Thanks again for working alongside me.


Students have homework in my class.  Please encourage them to do the work.  They are much more likely to be successful when they keep up with their work.  Students must treat homework as part of the learning process and learn to manage their time and work smarter not harder.  I will give them more information regarding homework and what is expected within the first few days of school.  If you have questions, let me know.

Some of the homework will be challenging in nature and they may work hard without reaching the correct answer.  That is ok!  It is not ok for them to see the work as challenging and refuse to try.  Encourage them to perservere and work hard toward finishing it.  

If a homework assignment is going to be graded for correctness, it will be referred to as 'DUE' or a 'Take Home Quiz' and they will know in advance that it is to be turned in for a grade.  These graded assignments are almost always due by 8 am on the posted due date.  Take home quizzes and/or take home tests can not be retaken.  If a student is absent on the due date, the assignment should be turned in by 8 am on the date of their return.  If the absence was excused, I will grade the work and adjust INOW accordingly.  

Homework that is for practice and in prepartion for tests and quizzes and thus, not graded will be referred to as "DO".  Many students think that this makes the work 'optional' and in a way, it does.  If they are swamped in other classes or have three tests to study for, they can certainly postpone their math practice.  However, this should be the exception and not the norm.  Students who consistently choose not to do the practice problems, do not do well on quizzes and tests.  I will be working with them on this throughout the year, teaching them how to manage time properly.

All homework, graded and not graded, should be done in order to be successful in this class.

A NOTE ABOUT ME AND HOW I FEEL ABOUT HOMEWORK:  I am a mother of three children, all teeenagers.  I hate it when mountains of homework rob our family of quality time together.  It is my promise to you, parents and children, that homework WILL NOT be given on holidays and will be EXTREMELY RARE on the weekends.  Students may need to use that time to 'catch up and review' if they have postponed work from that week but I do not plan to give work on Friday that is due on Monday unless it is 100 percent NECESSARY.  In addition, I hand select the problems that I give... I believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY.  I NEVER give 'busy work'.  Every single problem I give is intentional and I am giving what I think is essential.  Do what I ask of you and you will be successful!  By the way, I also promise to grade your work promptly and INOW will be kept up to date.  Again, I am a mom and I know that this is important to you.


Tutoring Information for 2018-2019  

This semester, I will have tutoring and make up work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 3:50 pm.   I am almost always available before school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I am here by 7:15 most days.  Students may request a pass for morning tutoring as needed.  Wednesday mornings are reserved for FCS Meetings so I do not tutor or give retakes on Wednesday mornings.   

On the weeks I have hall duty, I will be unavailable for tutoring. Students will be told when I have hall duty.

There is not enough time before school to make up tests or most of the quizzes.  That should be done after school.  There is also not enough time in the morning for full on tutoring.  Mornings are best for quick questions regarding specific homework problems or to clarify something from your notes from the previous day.  

Tutoring is not a time to come and ask me to reteach an entire lesson that you missed.  Most of the time, there are several people in tutoring all with different questions.   I will catch you up as best I can but please know, when you miss school, you miss valuable instruction.  Absences should be rare and only in cases of sickness, field trips or emergencies.  Get your notes from another student as quickly as possible when you miss a class.

ATHLETES:  Do NOT ask to come to my class during 7th period VA to make up tests UNLESS you are an athlete who is in the midst of your sport's season and therefore, unable to come after school due to practice.  I have a class 7th period.

If you ride a bus in the afternoon and need to do make up work, I will work with you on a time and place to do so.



$10 Classroom Donation for miscellaneous classroom and STEM and LTF project supplies and technology items throughout the year. (This is for our class only.)

 $10 Classroom Improvement Donation (for all Math Dept Students)

 Note: If paying by check, make them out to Prattville High School

 3 Ring Binder or spiral notebook and folder to keep your importants papers in.  (We will have many handouts so buy something that helps you to be the most organized.)  If you tend to be a disorganized student, GET A SPIRAL NOTEBOOK that is ONLY FOR MATH, one with pockets for handouts.

PENCILS (no pens ever)

Large pink block eraser (REQUIRED TO BE ON YOUR DESK EVERY SINGLE DAY. If we are not erasing then we are not learning.)

A PLANNER (We will be working on improving our study skills and learning time management throughtout the year.  The planner is NOT optional)

Small Ruler to keep in backpack. (Graphs must be neat and accurate on all assignments.)

Graph Paper (I keep loads in the classroom but you may want to have some to keep at home for take home work)

A scientific calculator is needed for certain sections in the course.  I recommend Texas Instruments TI 30 and TI 84 depending on what you are willing to spend and your child's future college/career plans.  NOTE:  There are many sections where a calculator will not be permitted.

 We always need Kleenex, Paper Towels, Lysol/Clorox Wipes, Copy Paper (white or colorful), and Expo Markers. On the board, you will find a list of items (by class period) you can substitute for the $10 Classroom donation.  These items are ESSENTIAL for our classroom.

 PHS will supply your child with a free workbook to use when they need extra practice.