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PreCalculus Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans  

Week of January 14, 2018


Lessons plans are always subject to change.  This simply means that we might get behind sometimes if more time is needed to understand a concept.

Honors PreCalculus

1st, 3rd, and 5th Periods


Complete symmetry of functions - Homework will be assigned on this objective.  Students have a homework sheet and they will be responsible for I.  Symmetry - This will be due on Wednesday.



Set-Builder and Interval Notation

Functions - Determining if a Relation is a Function 

Homework on Set-Builder Notation / Functions is due Wednesday - This is II. A. and B.



Go over homework assigned on Monday and Tuesday

Handout, pages 7 and 8 - Finding Function Value

Go over the difference quotient 

Homework - II. C. and D. - This is due on Monday


Friday:  Quiz on Graphing using Graphing Calculators, Set-Builder and Interval Notation, and determining if a Relation is a Function



PreAP PreCalculus

5th and 6th Periods

Monday: 9-3, Polar and Rectangular Forms of Equations

Tuesday: Continue Section 9-3

Wednesday/Thursday: Go over homework on Section 9-3 and the first Chapter 9 Test

Friday: Chapter 9 Test