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Test Retake Policy 

In my classes, students may re-take any major test for which they would like to improve their score with the following guidelines:

1.  Retakes will cover the same objectives but will not be the same as the original test.

2.  Retakes may be less questions and/or a different format than the original test.

3.  The deadline for retaking a test will be the date on which the next major test is given.

4.  Once a nine weeks ends and final grades are entered, students may not retake tests from that nine week grading period.

5.  The student may retake as many times as they choose within the given time frame allowed UNTIL they score a grade lower

      than their previous score.

6.  The highest grade will be recorded in INOW.

7.  Students must sign up to retake a test.  If the student does not show up to take the test at the agreed upon time, they

      forfeit the right to retake that particular test and must keep the last grade earned.

8.  Retakes may be done on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 3:15 - 4:00 unless other arrangements are made with

      the teacher.

9.  Only students who have completed ALL homework assignments related to the material being tested are eligible for retakes.