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As of 11-8-18, you should have completed journal entries for "Warriors Don't Cry" for Chapters 7 and 8!!!!!


Welcome to the 2018 / 2019 school year at Prattville High School!  


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I am so excited to have you in my class!  


jar of pencilsSupplies for McIntosh English 10: 

* small 3 ring binder (1/2 inch or 1 inch) with pockets     * Blue &/or black pens ONLY

* loose-leaf notebook paper (college or wide ruled)           * pencils

OR                                                                                             * index cards for use w/research paper

a LARGE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK w/pockets                        * composition book (to be used daily)

                                                                                                        composition notebook


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$5 classroom donation (cash only please)

* paper towels                                                                   * Kleenex

* hand sanitizer                                                                *Colored markers                                                           

* color pencils

* copy paper  (colored or white)                                      * Post-It style notes



 I encourage both the parent/guardian and the student to sign-up for Remind.  (I LOVE it when my parents sign up too!  That way you are in on ALL the information!)

 Step 1: Open your texting app, in the recipient area type in the number 81010

 Step 2: According to what period you are in my class, text the following code to the 81010 number above.

  If you are in 1st period text -       @1stpermac

 If you are in 2nd period text-         @2ndpermac

 If you are in 3rd period text -        @3rdpermac

 If you are in 4th period text -        @4thpermac

 If you are in 5th period text -        @5thpermac

 If you are in 6th period text -        @6thpermac