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Class Information about ACCESS 

What is ACCESS.Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators & Students Statewide 

I am the ACCESS Facilitator at Prattville High School for all the subjects being taught through the ACCESS distance learning. My role is to assist the students with any problems they may have navigating their online course, as well as, communicating with their teacher if they have any issues with material in their class. I am not your student’s actual teacher. 

The ACCESS teacher for the particular subject taught is responsible for grading all work submitted within the course outline and pacing guide. The student will have one final grade at the end of the year that will be comprised of their grade at the end of the first semester and their grade at the end of the second semester.  Those grades will be averaged together by their ACCESS teacher online to be their final grade overall for the subject taken. Half semester courses will have one final grade at the end of the semester it was taken in. ACCESS grades are not able to be incorporated into our INOW. They will only have a grade show on their report card for each nine weeks. The 1st 9 weeks and the 3rd 9 weeks grades are half way points in the semester and are like progress reports.  At the end of each 9 week period the average the student has at that time in their course is reported. The grades in ACCESS fluctuate a lot. A student can have a 90 average for what they have submitted in a unit in their online course. If the unit is not completed and the teacher moves on to the next unit she has to put zeros in for grades to hold that place. This allows the teacher to go back and give a student a grade later when they submit their work.​So a student could have a 90 average and have zeros put in for incomplete work dropping their grade dramatically until they submit work and the zero is updated. This encourages students to keep on pace with their assignments in their course.

Your student has access to ACCESS 24/7 on multiple devices such as phones, tablets and laptops with internet access to do their work. The only things they are not allowed to do at home are the end of the unit tests. Unit tests are to be taken at school to be monitored in the classroom. The ACCESS online courses follow our school's policies on cheating and exam exemptions which can be found online at

As a parent you can see what your student is doing by going to the ACCESS website at: Your student has to login with a username and password to access their online course in ACCESS. When you are logged in you have access to your student’s online teacher, course information and grades.

If you ever need assistance with accessing your student's online course, need their teacher's e-mail or you have any further questions feel free to contact me by clicking on the e-mail link at the top of the page. I am always happy to help.

I hope everyone has a great year and as always, Go Lions!!!



Jennifer Reeves