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PHS Policy for Registration and Schedule Changes


  • 1. Students will receive registration forms in large groups with their Homeroom classes.
  • 2. Students will receive instructions and information from Counselors during these registration sessions. These sessions are separate from and in addition to Academic Sessions.
  • 3. Students will be given completed forms to take home and review with parents/guardians and have the form signed by parent/guardian.
  • 4. Students will be strongly advised to attend the Curriculum Night offered by PHS to help students choose the appropriate classes for the next school year.
  • 5. Students will be given a copy of his/her schedule requests in the spring, which they are to take home for parents/guardians to review and sign, and return by the deadline.
  • 6. Students/parents/guardians will not be allowed to make changes in schedule requests after the signed copy is returned UNLESS there is an error in his/her completed schedule.
  • 7. Counselors will keep all copies of the registrations forms and signed request forms to verify/document course selections and schedule change requests.
  • 8. Students/Parents/Guardians should consider VERY carefully student course selections INCLUDING ELECTIVES AND AP COURSES. Changes will not be made after all forms are returned, signed by the deadline, even if the student has fulfilled his/her minimum subject/course requirements.
  • 9. Students who do not fill out registration forms by deadlines will have courses selected by their Counselor and will forfeit the opportunity to make any changes.


  • 1. The Master Schedule is built around student selections on their registration forms.
  • 2. Teachers are hired based on the numbers of students registering for courses as well as the number of each course to be offered and taught during the year.
  • 3. Teacher schedules/courses to be taught are determined based on these numbers for which teachers do plan for over the summer.
  • 4. Teacher shortages make it impossible to hire quality personnel once early hires have been made and must be made.
  • 5. Students need to understand the importance of the decisions they make when selecting courses and that they have to live with the decisions they do make.