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INOW is the platform used by the Autauga County School system.  It is imperative for parents to join INOW.  Using this service parents can keep up to date with their student's grades in every class, attendance, and any discipline issues that may arise.  INOW may be purchased from Mrs. Bailey in the front office of Prattville High School.  


Remind is an app that allows teachers to communicate with students and parents in a safe texting format.  All of my students need to sign up for their class on my remind thread.  This format is what I will use to remind students of important activities taking place in the class or school.  I strongly suggest parents also sign up for the remind updates.  By doing this, parents can help keep their students up to date with what is going on in the classroom.  If you do not have the Remind app, it is free and easy to download.  You can also get the announcements via email.  Class codes can be found on the syllabus for your class.  Be sure to join the correct section/period.  

Google Classroom  

All of my Computer Science clases will be utilizing Google Classroom.  This platform is a valuable asset to the learning environment.  If you have previously used google classroom then you will have an account already.  You will need to sign in to your account and 'join' my class.  Be sure to join the appropriate class period as well as subject.  If you have not used google classroom before you will have to create your account.  You cannot use a personal gmail account you must use the ACBOE account given to you.  Also, you cannot send or receive email with this account.  Your sign in will be as follows: 

1.  Go to and sign in.

Username: (must use names as they appear in INOW)

Password:  PHS##### (your S number as shown in INOW)  If you don't have 5 numbers, add a zero to the end of your 4 numbers.  

2.  Once signed in, go to

If my class appears on your home screen simply click the join button.

If not, click the plus sign in the top right corner of the page.  You will need my class code which can be found on the syllabus for your class.  

3.  Once you have joined the class, send a message on the class stream stating your favorite hobby.