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Course Information

AP Economics  

AP Government Information  

Unlike Honors Government, AP Government is a full year course at PHS.  By basing my course on the objectives of the AP College Board, this class will give students an analytical view on government and politics in the United States as well as meet the learning objectives required by the state of Alabama.  This course includes both the study of general concepts used to interpret US. government and politics and the analysis of specific examples.  It also requires familiarity with the various institutions, groups, beliefs and ideas that constitute U.S. government and politics.   Students will be prepared for the AP College Board Exam administered on May 10, 2018.  Study sessions will be offered by the teacher and by the A+ Foundation and the dates are included in your first day materials. You must pass government in order to receive your graduation credit.  Student grades are weighted like other AP courses and you will receive an additional weight for a qualifying score on the AP exam.

Honors Government and Economics  

Honors Government and Economics are semester long mandatory courses.  It is assumed that Honors students are interested in attending college, so reading and time management are imperative.  Once students complete Government, they will receive a semester grade.  The Economics grade and Government grade will NOT be averaged together for a yearly grade.   Printable course information is available in file manager section.