Jordan Arkle

Social Studies Teacher

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Courses Taught:

10th U.S. History (Honors/General)


1st: 10th U.S. History (Honors)

2nd: 10th U.S. History (Honors)

3rd: 10th U.S. History

4th: 10th U.S. History

5th: 10th U.S. History

6th: Planning

7th: 10th U.S. History (Honors) 



Teaching is the profession that creates all others! I began my teaching career in 2010. As a Prattville High School graduate I am thrilled to give back to the community that gave so much to me. I guess I would describe myself as a history nerd. I am fascinated with tales of heroism, revolution, persistence, and legacy. I believe the lessons of history should be remembered and shared to future generations. Outside of my life at PHS I am happily married to my best friend, Bonnie. We have a son named Lincoln (again...history nerd) and another named Everett. I look forward to the opportunity and the challenge of igniting that spark of interest in the study and understanding of history in each of my students.

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