Science Olympiad

Prattville High School Science Club

The Science Club at Prattville High is committed to increasing interest in science through participation in the annual Science Olympiad competition. The competition includes events in various studies of science. Some of which are not taught at PHS, so students are exposed to various types of scientific career options. Competition is usually in February at University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. To prepare students, our club participates in lab activities, experiments, and study sessions. We focus on working as a team to maximize efficiency and creativity. Mrs. Hahn and Mrs. Mitchell are co-sponsors. Meetings are in room 301, Mrs. Hahn’s room, during club rotations days. Near competition time in February, some clinics for specific events will be held after school. A celebratory fieldtrip to a science venue will be planned after competition. The club fee is $25 and this includes a t-shirt. Club fundraisers have included fair clean-up day, fruit sales, and Chemistry in Motion Scientific demonstration.
Cindy Mitchell
  Alyson Hahn
  Elizabeth Conn

Tenative Events for school year 2018/2019

Division C

Anatomy and Physiology (Cardiovascular, Excretory, Lymphatic)

Astronomy (Stellar Evolution and Galaxies)

Boomilever - replaces Towers

Chemistry Lab (Physical Properties, Acids and Bases)

Circuit Lab - replaces Optics

Code Busters - replaces Game On

Designer Genes - replaces Microbe Mission

Disease Detectives (Environmental Quality)

Dynamic Planet (Glaciers) - replaces Dynamic Planet (Tectonics)

Experimental Design

Fermi Questions


Fossils - replaces Rocks and Minerals

Geologic Mapping - replaces Remote Sensing


Mousetrap Vehicle

Mission Possible

Protein Modeling - replaces Materials Science

Sounds of Music - replaces Hovercraft


Water Quality - replaces Ecology

Wright Stuff - replaces Helicopters

Write It Do It