Victoria Boyd

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Courses Taught 21/22:

1st Period: English 9

2nd Period: English 9

3rd Period: English 9

4th Period: Planning

5th Period: English 9

6th Period: English 9

7th Period: English 9


Students working virtually due to quarantine, see Schoology for assignments. If you do not have access to Schoology, see the class slides and contact me for access to quizzes, tests, and any materials not already linked in the slides. You will need to scan in and send me pictures of your completed assignments if you don't have access to completing it in Schoology. 


     I love my job! I enjoy getting to know my students, and I love to see them work through our content as they also grow personally to become the best they can be in and out of the classroom. 

     I hope for each of my students, as well as their parents or guardians, to help me be the best person and teacher I can be as I work to influence my students to be their best selves.

     I graduated from Auburn Montgomery with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education/English Language Arts in May of 2014. I also have a M.ED. in Teaching and Learning with an English cognate from Liberty University. This 20/21 school year is my seventh year teaching. I am truly invested in ensuring that future generations have a competent understanding of the English language to ensure their ability to communicate clearly. I also believe that reading is an essential part of education that helps to expand the mind and allows students to learn lessons about life.

     I fully anticipate a wonderfully productive year. As I put all of my might into the content and management of my class, I will expect my students to put forth their best effort as well.