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Shelby Howe Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
AP US History, US History Beg-1877 Honors



I graduated from Samford University in Birmingham with a BA degree in both English and History, and I received my Master's degree in Secondary English Education from Auburn University. 



This is my tenth year to teach at Prattville High School and my sixth year to teach PreAP U.S. History.  For two summers, I had the unique opportunity to score the short answer section of the national AP U.S. History exam. 


On an extracurricular level, I co-sponsor the PHS Ambassadors and started a school movie club in 2014.



My husband and I enjoy spending most of our free time with our Golden Retrievers and cats.   

I find the numerous stories of people and events in history rewarding, and my passion is to share the subject area with others. Most importantly, I strive to present United States history at an in-depth level to promote higher-order critical thinking skills in my students. I am excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to exploring the events that led to the foundation of our nation and the individuals who shaped her early years.