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Subjects Taught
Career Prep (9th Grade), English 11, English 11 Honors


Troy University 

Alabama State University (Bachelor's Degree)

Grand Canyon University (Master's Degree)


English teacher at W.S. Neal High School in Escambia County, Alabama  from 2005 - 2014.

Englsih teacher at Capitol Heights Middle School in Montgomery, Alabama from  2014-2015.

Englsih teacher at Selma High School in Selma, Alabama from  2015-2017.

English teacher at Prattville High School in Prattville, Alabama - Present.



Prior to 2005, taught English at Escambia Academy (Private School) in Atmore, Alabama.


I have been married to my husband, Eric,  since 1991.   We have two children and enjoy spending time with them.  Our daughter, Cierra,   graduated last year from Marbury High School  and is in her first year of college.   Our son, Ayden,  is going into the fourth grade at PES this year.  Some of our favorite things to do as a family include watching Alabama Football, spending weekends at Lake Martin with family and friends, and watching our son play football.  

I am excited to be at Prattville High School and I look forward to a great year!  Go Lions!


Course Syllabus: 11th Grade English

American Literature

Mrs. Jerkins

Prattville High School


Course Overview

     In this course you will read short stories and novels, autobiographies and other types of nonfiction, poems, and plays.  The works come from American Literature.  As you read and analyze the literature, you will become more skilled interpreters of literature and the world in which we live.

     In addition to reading, you will be writing expository, narrative, and persuasive essays, stories, and poems.  We will prepare for the ACT Plus Writing that you will take as 11th graders.  We will also work on grammar and vocabulary.

Curriculum Textbook and Resources

     Prentice Hall Literature Course 2:  The American Experience 1900 to Present

Alabama Common Core Edition

     Various novels, poems, and short stories

     Various resources from resource books, workbooks, and on-line sources

Course Content:


Reading across the curriculum

Reading strategies

Knowledge of literary and nonliterary forms

Influence on texts

Author’s voice and method

Persuasive language and logic

Literary criticism

Words and origins



Writing process

Modes of writing

Organization, unity, and coherence

Sentence constructions

Conventions of usage

Conventions of punctuation



Listening, Viewing, and Speaking

Comprehension and analysis


Study skills

Test-taking strategies


Materials required for class:

Notebook or composition book specifically for English class only

Blue or black pens

Pencils with erasers

colored pencils

Textbook, novel, or handout (as directed)

USB flash drive (to be used during research)


Attendance/Make-up work

If you miss class due to illness or emergency, you will be given time and opportunity to make up your work.  It is, however, your responsibility to remind me and make sure that you get the notes and/or any missed work.  If you are ill the day a paper is due, ask a friend to turn it in for you.  If an emergency arises (illness or otherwise) and you absolutely cannot complete an assignment, I will need a note from your parent/guardian explaining the situation.


Late Assignments

Your responsibilities in class include keeping your assignments up-to-date, maintaining pace with reading, and turning all assignments in on time.  If you do not understand something or are having personal difficulties apart from class, talk to me before an assignment is due so we can make other arrangements.  Otherwise, each day a major assignment is late, I will subtract 10% from the grade.  Once I have graded and returned an assignment, you cannot turn that assignment in for credit. 

Classroom Policies/Expectations

·         Consider school your job and when you are in class, English is your first and only priority.

·         Be inside the classroom working on your bell-ringer when the bell rings.

·         Be ready and willing to work individually, with a partner, small group, or large groups with classmates.

·         Respect ideas and opinions expressed in class, even if you don’t agree with them.  Respect yourself, your teacher, and your classmates.

·         Homework is due at the beginning of class.

·         Cheating, copying, and plagiarizing are not tolerated and will result in the grade of 1 point out of 100, parent contact, academic referral, and notification of Guidance and honor societies/clubs.

·         Follow the cell phone policy.  If a cell phone is visible during testing, the phone will be taken up and your grade will be a zero for that test.

·         If a paper/project is obviously copied, whether from a classmate’s work or from the Internet, it will receive no credit.


I am excited and proud to be teaching this course.   I appreciate any effort and value each of you as important members of the class, regardless of the grade you earn from me.  I give you the grade YOU make.  Your grade does not equate to your value as a person.  My wish is to help you discover and cultivate your gifts for use in a meaningful life.



Mrs. Jerkins


Prattville High School


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