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FYI Page


Ambassadors: If you have signed up for a summer tour below, arrive in the front atrium at 9:50 wearing your Ambassador polo and pants (no shorts). Make sure you communicate with Ms. Horn that you are available for a tour. Your red folder outlining the tour route and useful info is in her office. If no one shows up for a tour for your time slot, make yourself useful and have Ms. Horn sign off for service hours. If you have a problem or are unable to conduct the tour you signed up for below, please email Mrs. Howe ( or Mr. Kochi ( ASAP. Above all, you are representatives of Prattville High School and are often the first face some of these new students/parents will meet. Thus, make sure your dress and tour are professional and reflective of a true Prattville Lion. Thanks for your help this summer! 

PHS Summer Tours @ 10:00 AM & 11:00 AM on the following dates:


June 12 @ 10:00: AK Cavnar & Nic Millen

June 12 @ 11:00: Ashtyn Daniel & Nisha Rockwell
June 14 @ 10:00: Emma Cotney & Sawyer Knott

June 14 @ 11:00: Ella Smyth
June 19 @ 10:00: Sam Guerrero & Sam Cowart

June 19 @ 11:00: Rachel Hollis & Emma Cotney
June 21 @ 10:00: Sawyer Knott & Rachel Hollis

June 21 @ 11:00: Sawyer Knott & Ella Smyth
July 10 @ 10:00: Emma Cotney & Caroline Luck

July 10 @ 11:00: Caroline Luck
July 12 @ 10:00: Mykaila Baker

July 12 @ 11:00: Ella Smyth
July 24 @ 10:00: Sam Guerrero & Sam Cowart

July 24 @ 11:00: AK Cavnar & John David Jones
July 26 @ 10:00: Ashtyn Daniel & Katie Hornbrook

July 26 @ 11:00: Katie Hornbrook & Rachel Hollis







PreAP U.S. History 10  

Welcome to PreAP U.S. History 10! Congratulations on making the decision to sign up for a challenging, but rewarding, course.

                I am looking forward to a new year and a new opportunity to share my love of American history. Because accessing this website is integral to your success in my classroom this year, please first take some time to peruse the tabs above. It would behoove you to then take me up on the specific suggestions below.

Summer Assignment: It is imperative you take the time necessary to complete this assignment as one of the many purposes of the assignment is to expedite my curriculum. Thus if you fail to complete this assignment or devote 100% effort to its completion, you will not only be behind the first week of school, but you will have also made a very poor first impression. Your summer assignment is due for a major grade on FRIDAY, AUGUST 10th. Find everything you need to complete this assignment under the PreAP U.S. History 10 Handouts tab-->PreAP U.S. History 10 Summer Assignment at the top of this screen. Direct any questions about the assignment to

PreAP classes can be exciting and at times daunting. I am committed to helping you through this process; all I ask is for you to give me the same level of commitment. See you August 6th!