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Should I take AP Gov and/or AP Macro?   

Who should take AP Government and Politics?

Any student with an interest in government and politics

Any student who enjoys the social sciences

Any student who loves current events

Any student who wishes to be challenged

Any student who wants the BEST preparation for college courses

Any student who wishes to earn college credit for political science

Any student who wants to be a part of an enjoyable learning experience with a depth and breadth that can only be obtained in the year-long AP Government class

What is the advantage of taking this class?

This class is really a “blended” class between the high school “government” requirement and “political science” in college.  It will certainly challenge you more so than an honors level class so that will be an advantage as you head to college; yet, we are aware that you are still in high school.  Additionally, your chances of earning college credit by taking the test are excellent. No promises that everyone will pass and gain college credit, but we can say with certainty that the “odds are ever in your favor”. Our students at PHS well-exceed the national average for passing scores on the AP Government and Politics Exam. Extensive training and resources have gone into developing our AP Government class at PHS and the students will definitely benefit from being a part of the program.

 What to expect?

Most students want to know how much “homework” there is in the course. Since it is a year-long course, the level of homework is actually less than what you would see in an honors course, which is covered in a semester. The “out of school” work load is definitely manageable for any student who wishes to take the course. In addition, there will be two Saturday review sessions and a Saturday mock exam during the Spring 2019 semester, with special incentives for attendance, besides increasing your student’s chances of passing the exam. Many students who take AP social studies their senior year are involved in multiple extracurricular activities and perform beautifully in the classroom and on the exam. If you are curious about what we do in the classroom or the workload, feel free to go to Mrs. Studdard’s webpage and look around to get a more detailed view of the AP Gov (or AP Macro) experience.

Do I have to take AP Macroeconomics if I take AP Government?

I also teach AP Macroeconomics and the motivation to take this course is very similar to taking AP Government. It too is a year-long course, but if students wish, they may take a semester of Honors Economics instead of the full year Macro course. Most students who take AP Government also take AP Macroeconomics, but not everyone so that is an option if you feel it is best for your child.

One big difference between AP Macroeconomics and the AP Government course is that AP Macro is not part of the A+ grant program which entitles students to a reduced rate on the exam. However, paying $94 for the test versus the hundreds of dollars you would pay for a college course would be worth the expenditure plus students get the college preparation skills needed to be successful at the next level.

What if I have more questions?

I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have. The easiest way to reach me is via email at or you can call the school and leave a message and I’ll be glad to return the call.


Where do I find assignments?  

You can look on CALENDAR to see due dates, etc.  

All forms, handouts, vocab lists, study guides, etc. will be under the files on your subject (AP or Honors) and then look for the name of the form.

Weekly schedule can be found under the Lesson Plans/Assignments section each Monday morning as well as posted in the classroom.