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Summer Reading for incoming Pre AP Freshmen  

Selection:      Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer


Rationale:      This non-fiction book contains the elements of argumentation and rhetorical strategies incorporated into the English curriculum. 


Objectives:     To read and respond to the book in its entirety. To understand how a writer uses language to create message and meaning


Assignment:    Students are required to read this novel (we strongly recommend note-taking and/or annotating - not required), and then respond to several chapter-specific essay questions (required).

**You may get a copy of these questions under the "handouts" link at the top of my page.**

Announcement Image for Summer Reading for incoming Pre AP Freshmen

Trouble Finding Your Assignments?  

Trouble finding your assignments?


All assignmnets can be found on the files tab labeled "Handouts, Syllabus, Workshop Files". You must then select which unit the assignment goes with, and then lastly download the file. Please do not hesisitate to email me if you can not find these files. 

-Mrs. Day