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Use your notes to complete this study guide. Remember, the study guide is just a guide. It is not the only thing you should study prior to the test. Notes, handouts and any other activity we've done in class should also be studied.

Key Terms

define the following words

1. spoils system

2. caucus system

3. secede

4. nullification

5. nativism

6. romanticism

7. transcendentalism

8. utopia

9. benevolent society

10. temperance

11. penitentiary

12. gradualism

13. abolition

14. emancipation

Reviewing Key Facts

15. Identify: Tariff of Abominations, Daniel Webster, Trail of Tears, Second Great Awakening, Joseph Smith, Lyman Beecher, Horace Mann, William Lloyd Garrison

16. In what two ways did President Andrew Jackson expand democracy?

17. What were two factors that led to President Jackson's decision to sign the Indian Removal Act?

18. What main ideas did American romanticists and transcendentalists believe?

19. How did reforms improve the public education system in the early to mid-1800s?

20. Name four groups of people involved in the abolitionist movement, and list what each did to try to end slavery.