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Alg 2 with Trig Syllabus

PreAP Algebra 2 with Trig Course Description  

Pre-AP Algebra II with Trigonometry

Course Guide


Course Objective:

Pre-AP Algebra 2 with Trigonometry is a challenging year long advanced course, which continues the study of Algebra 1 and Geometry. The content of the course includes solution of equations in one, two, and three variables; factoring, relations, and functions; rational and irrational numbers; complex numbers, quadratic systems, exponents, and logarithms; matrices, statistics, trigonometric functions, identities, and formulae; inverses of trigonometric functions. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of algebraic process to solve problems in the context of real life situations using mental arithmetic, estimation, calculators, and abstract thinking skills. The curriculum is based on the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards.  


Materials Needed:

$10.00 workbook/technology donation (for Math Dept), $10 Classroom Donation (for our class), Three-Ring Binder (or spiral notebook and folder), Pencils, Loose Leaf Paper, Graphing or Scientific Calculator, Pink Block Eraser, Ruler, graph paper, and some type of PLANNER.

PLEASE consider also:  1 Box of Kleenex, 1 container of Clorox/Lysol wipes, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 Ream of Copy Paper, 1 Pack of Expo Markers (Any combination of these items is appreciated as your child will need these items in my class OFTEN.)  Suggested items by class will be listed on my board the first week of school.

Suggested Materials:

·         TI-84+ Graphing Calculator if you plan to move on to Pre-Cal, AP Stats, AP Calculus, and/or attend college.  Other good graphing calculator options are the TI-83, TI-84, or TI-84 Plus Silver.  While Casio calculators are cheaper and will work fine, all calculator lessons done in class will be done using a Texas Instruments Calculator.  It is easier for the students to follow along if they have a TI. 

ALSO:  These calculators are approved calculators for the ACT test.  If you chose another calculator, verify that it can be used on the ACT before you make the purchase.  Don't make an expensive mistake.


Methods of Instruction:

This course is designed to closely follow the Laying the Foundation material provided through the A+ College Ready grant and to prepare students for Pre-Calculus and future AP mathematics courses. It will be student oriented so that students may construct their own understanding of the material. Students will often be working in groups with my assistance to complete assignments. Students can also expect to answer discussion style questions to demonstrate their understanding of the material. Homework will be given on regular basis and will consist of textbook problems, activities, and handouts. You are encouraged to keep a separate notebook for your class notes, homework, handouts, quizzes, and tests. Each student is expected to participate in class discussions and to present ideas and work to the class. Each student is expected to complete all assignments accurately and on time. EVERY test will contain questions from previous units.  Students will also be given quizzes throughout the year that focus on prerequisite skills. 



Excellent attendance is mandatory. Students will not be permitted to make up assignments that are missed due to an unexcused absence. Assignments, quizzes, and tests missed on unexcused days will result in a zero. Students who fail to make up work missed for excused absences per the policy of Autauga County Schools will receive a zero.  This is a college preparatory advanced Pre-AP class. Students who have significant attendance issues do not do well in this course.



Homework, Test/Quiz Dates, Student and Parent Announcements, Worksheets, and more will be updated on my page of on a regular basis. Planbook is used for lesson plans.  There is a link to my planbook on this web page.  You can email me at if you have questions.



I strongly suggest that every parent/guardian purchase INOW for the 2018-2019 school year. It is a great way to be informed of your child’s progress in the class. I keep grades in INOW updated at a minimum of once per week.  If at any time you have a question about a grade in INOW, please email me immediately and I will verify the grade.  If I have made an error, I will correct it immediately.

 Grading Procedures:

 A= 90 – 100, B = 80 – 89, C = 70 – 79, D = 69 – 60, F = 0 – 59.

You final quarter grades will be based on:

70% Test/Major Grades – This category will include Unit Tests given at the end of each chapter, mid-unit tests, major projects, and end of quarter tests. Large projects and multi-unit tests may be averaged in twice.

30% Daily/Minor Grades – This category will include quizzes, small scale projects, graded homework assignments, preliminary assignments related to projects, math lab activities and short writing (yes... writing) assignments. There will typically be one optional extra credit type quiz per nine weeks.

Participation – Because this is a college prep class, participation is expected. You will not be given a grade for completion of assignments or participating in class. Any grade recorded in INOW will have been graded for correctness and will have covered pre-requisite or current standards. 

Final Grading:

Final grades will be earned according to the policy of the Autauga County Board of Education. Please see the school website for the most up to date policy for 2018-2019.   

Students taking this course will receive an additional +1.0 quality point toward their GPA.


I give many opportunities throughout the quarter for students to make up missed assignments, do extra assignments and earn 'insurance points'.  When it is clear that content is not mastered, remediation is done and the material is often retested.  The lowest quiz grade for each quarter will be dropped and there will be one 'extra credit' quiz opportunity for each quarter.  For this reason, I do not 'GIVE' extra credit at the end of grading periods.  Students should work hard throughout the nine weeks and take advantage of opportunities as they come along.  Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves throughout the year not ask for freebies the day before report cards come out.