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English 10 Vocabulary 

Lesson 26     Vocabulary Words and Definitions                                  

DIRECTIONS: Write the vocabulary word, part of speech, definition, antonym (opposite), and a sentence for EACH word listed below. QUIZ & all work due on your next block day!!!

1. parley N – a negotiation between two enemies

2. cynical ADJ – distrustful of human integrity or sincerity

3. reveler N – someone who is having fun, singing, dancing, etc.

4. mirth N – great merriment; laughter & joy

5. demeanor N – attitude; the way a person behaves towards others

6. nimble ADJ – moving quickly & lightly

7. peevish ADJ – easily irritated or annoyed

8. tarry V – linger; to take one’s time

9. tidings N – recent news

10. vanquish V – to subdue completely; absolute defeat

11. yoke N – something that causes people to be treated cruelly and unfairly especially by taking away their freedom

12. apparition N – a ghost or spirit of the dead