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Cynthia Summers Staff Photo

Supply List 

Any of the following is appreciated at any time during the year (2016-2017). If you are swamped at the start, please feel free to wait if you need to do so. 

1) PLEASE SEND TISSUES.  Our students always need them and it helps in maintaining a sanitary room.

2) College rule loose leaf notebook paper

3) Wooden pencils

4) Dry erase board spray cleaner

5) Liquid hand sanitizer

6) Sanitizing wet wipes

7) Paper towels

8) Dry erase colored markers

9) Bandages


Students need the following items

1) minimum 1 1/2" loose leaf notebook (NO SPIRALS)

2) loose leaf paper

3) 3 dividers

4) pencils with erasers (no pens)

5) scientific calculator (trig functions and log functions) 
A TI-30 is fine.  I have seen these at Walmart for $9. 
TI (Texas Instruments) are a little easier to work than a Casio brand.
A standard 4 function calculator is enough initially in this class.

6) graph paper (not the green scientific graph paper)