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Classroom Guidelines

Mr. L. Beavers


I. General Guidelines:

1.     All rules stated in the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook applies to this class.

2.     Hall passes will not be granted unless absolutely necessary.

3.     I am available before school to give extra help and by appointment after school hours.  Contact me as soon as you experience difficulty with the class.

4.     A zero or modified grade will be given under the following conditions:  There will be no exceptions to these rules.

·         Cheating (ex. talking during Test, and Quizzes, giving or receiving answers from other students, using a cell phone, etc.)

·         A one "1" will be enter in the INOW gradebook for all assignments, tests and quizzes due to any absences and failure to complete or makeup work.

·         Any work turned in written in ink.  No ink pens allowed.

·         Using a calculator without permission.

II. Procedures for all graded assignments:  All work that is turned in should follow these guidelines.

5.     It is your responsibility to make up all work when you are absent.

6.     All work is to be done in PENCIL. No ink pens allowed.  Work must be neat and legible.

7.     It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with his/her individual work (e.g. practice work, notes, etc.).  Answer Sheets, Test and Quizzes will be kept on file in the classroom.

8.     Grading Scale:

a.     Major Grades (e.g. test, major projects)                60%

b.     Minor (e.g. quizzes, minor projects)                      40%

9.     The Midterm will count 20% and the Final Exam will count 20% of the overall grade.

III. Absences and Make-Up Work:

10.  An admit is required for any absence, including checking in late and field trips.

11.  It is your responsibility to arrange to make-up work (test, quiz, etc.) within two days upon returning to school form an absence.  You must get the proper admit and make arrangements.  Make-up work is before school, after school, or activity period with permission by appointment.  You can also find another teacher that can meet with you if you are unable to meet with me.

12.  If you fail to show up for scheduled make-up work, the grade will be one “1”, then at the end of the nine weeks all missing assignments, tests and/or quizzes will be enter in as an One “1”.

IV. SUPPLIES NEEDED: (brought to class daily)

·         pencils(mechanical pencils preferred)

·         Loose Leaf Paper (no spiral graph paper – a.k.a. composition book paper, etc)

·         Graph Paper.

·         3 – Ring notebook dedicate to Math only.

·         Composition Book (Math Journal)

·         Straight Edge Rule.

V. Progress Reports will be issued at the 4 ½ weeks of each nine weeks grading period.

VI. Math Donation Note:  The Math Department is accepting up to a $10.00 donation from parents to help with classroom improvements.  Thank you ahead of time.