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Supply List 

·     Calculators are not allowed on most lessons.  However if they are allowed then the is my suggestions:

TI-83, TI-84 or other equivalent GRAPHING calculator is strongly recommended.  The minimum requirement is the TI-30 but the sooner you purchase the graphing calculator, the better! Graphing calculators are expensive but worth the investment if your child is going on to precal and/or college next year.  If you would like to wait until next month to purchase it, we will not begin using them extensively until unit 2.

·      3-ring notebook

·       Loose leaf paper for notes, homework, and any class work (ABSOLUTELY NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOK PAPER- Assignments turned in will not be graded or accepted)

·       Pencils (MAY NOT USE PENS- Assignments turned in with pen will not be graded or accepted)

·       Graph paper when needed

·       Straight edge or Ruler when needed