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Jessica Rape Staff Photo

Supply List 

Art 1  

Required Supplies

 ·        Art fee $20.00 is due by September 1st (includes a sketchbook and portfolio) 


·        Wooden Pencils (needed for every class)


·        2 Roll of paper towels


Art 2

 Required Supplies

 ·         Art fee $30.00 is due by September 1st  (includes a sketchbook and portfolio) 

 ·         Pencil Set (needed for every class)

 ·         Prisma Color Pencils (set of 48 or larger, purchased by December)

 ·         2 Pink Pearl eraser

 ·         1 bottle of hand soap

 ·         1 container of Clorox wipes


Art 3

Required Supplies

·         Art fee $50.00 is due by September 1st  

·         Pencil Set (may reuse set from art 2)

·         1 bottle of hand soap

·         1 bottle of Clorox wipes

Acrylic Painting Supplies  

Round: large/ medium/ small

Flat: large/ medium/ small

Metal palette knife

Acrylic Paints:

Titanium White (large) and Ivory Black or Mars Black


Cerulean Blue or Ultramarine Blue


Naples Yellow Hue or Cadmium Yellow Medium


Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson or Napthol Crimson,

·         2 rolls of paper towels

·         1 stack of white Styrofoam/Paper Plates (used for disposable palettes)

·         1 roll or plastic wrap (used to keep paints moist)

Painting supplies are due by October 5th.  


AP Art

Required Supplies:

Art fee $25.00 is due by September 1st 

Most students already have many of the following supplies from their lower level courses.  However, as supplies are expended, they must be replenished:

Sketchbook (9x12)

Paper Towels


Prismacolor Pencils

Set of Brushes

Acrylic Paints/Canvases-when Acrylic paintings are assigned or chosen for the Concentration.