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Supply List 

All students need to bring:

$5 Classroom donation 

$10 Math department classroom improvement donation

Each period should also bring the following item:

First period - White copy/printer paper

Third period - Chlorox wipes

Fourth period - Paper towels

Fifth period - Expo markers (colored)

Sixth period - Kleenex

Seventh period - Hand sanitizer


Algebra with Finance Supply List:

3-ring binder

5 Tabbed dividers

Pencils (NO pens EVER!!!)

Scientific calculator


Algebra II with Trig Supply List:

3-ring binder with loose leaf paper or spiral notebook with pocket folders


Pencils (NO pens EVER!!!)

Scientific calculator (a graphing calculator is not required)

Although calculators will not be permitted on a regular basis, there are some units that will require students to have one.  A TI-30X IIS (Texas Instrument) calculator is recommended.

Graph paper