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Retake Policy 

1.  Retakes will cover the same objectives but will not be the same as the original test.

2.  Retakes may be less questions and/or a different format than the original test.  

3.  The deadline for retaking a test will be posted on the board in the classroom.

4.  Once a nine weeks ends and final grades are entered, students may not retake tests from that nine week grading period.  Occasionally, this may mean that the last test of a nine weeks will not be able to be retaken.  In those situations, the student WILL be informed in advance. 

5.  The student will be LIMITED to TWO RETAKE ATTEMPTS per 9-week grading period.

6.  The highest grade will be recorded in INOW.

7.  Retakes WILL NOT be given for take home tests or projects.

8.  The goal of this retake policy is MASTERY of the course objectives.


NOTE:  It is ALWAYS best for the student to study and prepare for the FIRST test.  It is unwise for a student to purposefully plan for a retake rather than prepare for the original test.  Please encourage your child to use this retake policy as it is intended.