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AP Computer Science Principles Syllabus 

Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles

Course Syllabus


Mrs. Lisa McDaniel

Room No. M-6


Google Classroom Codes:

3rd- 3ney3tx

4th - 9zqsbw

6th - affd0b                                              


Code Studio Codes:

3rd - LXMVGB

4th - XWGMWP

6th - RYPNFS


Remind- Text to: 81010

3rd - @3rdapc

4th - @4thapcs

6th - @6thapcs



Required text/materials

We do not have a textbook for this course. The curriculum that we will use can be found online at You will need a composition book, pen/pencil, and the ACBOE internet permission form signed.


Description of Course

In fall 2016, the College Board launched its newest AP® course, AP Computer Science Principles. The course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. The AP Program designed AP Computer Science Principles with the goal of creating leaders in computer science fields and attracting and engaging those who are traditionally underrepresented with essential computing tools and multidisciplinary opportunities.


Course content

Unit 1: The Internet

Learn how the multi-layered systems of the Internet function as you collaboratively solve problems and puzzles about encoding and transmitting data, both ‘unplugged’ and using’s Internet Simulator.

Unit 2: Digital Information

Use a variety of digital tools to look at, generate, clean, and manipulate data to explore the relationship between information and data. Create and use visualizations to identify patterns and trends.

Unit 3: Algorithms and Programming

Learn the JavaScript language with turtle programming in’s App Lab. Learn general principles of algorithms and program design that are applicable to any programming language.

Unit 4: Big Data and Privacy

Research current events around the complex questions related to public policy, law, ethics, and societal impact. Learn the basics of how and why modern encryption works.

Unit 5: Building Apps

Continue learning how to program in the JavaScript language. Use’s App Lab environment to create a series of applications that live on the web. Each app highlights a core concept of programming.

Unit 6: Performance Tasks

Design a project plan, then work on and complete your AP® Performance Task projects for submission to the College Board.


Attendance policy

This course relies heavily on cooperative learning. Students will be grouped with others in the class for most of the assignments. While attendance is always important, it is imperative that students be present for every class.


Late work policy

The majority of the assignments will be turned in digitally. Therefore, they will have a time and date stamp. Due dates will be announced and adhered to by all students. In the event that a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to determine what material was covered and which assignments were turned in. Assignments missed due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up. If a student has an unexcused absence, they will receive a zero for any graded assignment missed. In the event of an excused absence, the student has 3 days to submit a missed assignment for full credit.

Late work will be accepted. However, points will be deducted. 1 day late loses 20 points. 2 days late loses 40 points. 3 days late loses 50 points. Work will not be accepted for a grade more than 3 days late.

Students absent on the day of an announced, graded assignment are expected to submit that assignment the day they return to school. This policy includes tests. Students absent during a review for an announced test will be expected to complete the test upon their return to class.

If you are absent due to a scheduled school activity, you are expected to discuss missed assignments before the absence.


Grading scale

9 week averages will be calculated based on a 70/30 split

Major grades count for 70% of the average. Items included as major grades are tests and end of unit projects.

Minor grades count for 30% of the average. Items included as minor grades are classwork, reading/writing assignments, and stages on studio.

Participation is encouraged, expected, and vital to your success in this course. No grade will be given for participation.


Important dates

Please mark your calendars for the following important dates. You are expected to attend 3 saturday study sessions to help prepare you for the Ap exam. The dates of these sessions are: (I have not been given the 2018-2019 dates yet.)


Ap exam

The AP CSP exam has a tentative date of May 10. Every student is expected to take this exam. The cost of the exam varies from $25-$50 based on your lunch status. Our exam consists of a multiple choice portion and two in class performance tasks. AP exams are graded on a 5 point scale. Any student scoring a 3 or better on the exam will receive a $100 visa gift card from the A+ grant board.


Message from instructor

This will be my third year to teach APCSP. It is by far the best course I have ever taught. The material covered is applicable to every person regardless of the career they chose to pursue. In June of 2016, I spent a week in Atlanta, GA attending’s teachercon. During that training I was able to work through most of the units we will cover in much the same way you will be working through them. I have been in your shoes.

Last summer, 2017,  I attended training at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. The instructors for this training are also the people who developed this course. Learning about the course from the people who developed provided me with invaluable insights.

I also spent 7 days in Kansas City, MO working for the college board. I was a reader for the explore performance task portion of the AP CSP exam. This training has given me the opportunity to see exactly what is necessary for this portion of the exam.


This past summer, 2018, I was able to attend the CSTA convention in Omaha, NE.  I participated in various workshops and meetings.  I am working with Computer Science teachers across the country to create cooperative learning lesson plans for our course.



This is a plan for the year that might change as class needs develop




AP Computer Science Principles Disclosure Contract


Carefully read each of the following statements. Initial each item in the space provided. When finished, sign and date the contract.


______I understand that the objective of this course is to provide me with the skills and knowledge necessary to use computational tools to analyze and study data, develop effective collaboration skills, and prepare me to pass the national AP Computer Science Principles exam in May.

______I understand that I am expected to attend 3 Saturday study sessions throughout the school year. 

_____I understand that I am expected to take the APCSP exam in May and that this exam includes 2 in class performance tasks.

______I understand that coursework is intense and required preparation for our class. To be successful, I will have to do at least 2-3 hours of reading/homework a week including online assignments, coding projects and outside readings.

_____I understand that class participation is more than physical presence and it represents meaningful contributions to discussions and class activities.

_____ I understand that collaborative projects are an essential building block of this class and a required component of the AP Computer Science Principles exam.

_____I will make up missed work on the next school day (there is a late penalty). I will take notes on class lectures, presentations, and video content.

_____I understand that Mrs. McDaniel is available and willing to help me before and after school by appointment.

_____I understand that this class has many organizational tools and support materials available on our class website, on the site, and on the College Board site.

____I understand that I am responsible for the laptop that is assigned to me. If the laptop is damaged in any way I am to report this immediately to Mrs McDaniel.

_____I understand that no food or drink is allowed in the classroom as this could cause irreparable damage to the laptops.

_____I understand that personal electronic devices are not allowed during class and if seen or heard they are subject to being confiscated.

_____I understand that misuse of the laptop will result in my privilege being withdrawn. My work will still be due at the announced due date/time.

_____I understand that by signing this contract, I am committing to this course for the full year. Once I am scheduled in this course, there is no option to drop.


Student name: (print) ____________________________


Student Signature:_______________________________


Date: ________________________


Parent signature:_______________________________