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Julius Caesar Act II TEST (Study the below files)

Click to access the "No Fear" version of Julius Caesar


Please click below to access the English 10 "Julius Caesar" files by William Shakespeare files:




Welcome to the 2017 / 2018 school year at Prattville High School!  


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I am so excited to have you in my class!  


jar of pencilsSupplies for McIntosh English 10: 

* small 3 ring binder (1/2 inch or 1 inch) with pockets     * Blue &/or black pens ONLY

* loose-leaf notebook paper (college or wide ruled)           * pencils

OR                                                                                             * index cards for use w/research paper

a LARGE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK w/pockets                        * composition book (to be used daily)

                                                                                                        composition notebook


   Image result for wish list

$5 classroom donation (cash only please)

*Expo markers (or any dry erase marker)                   * paper towels

*Kleenex                                                                             * hand sanitizer

*Colored markers                                                              * color pencils

* copy paper  (colored or white)                                      * Post-It style notes

* index cards



 I encourage both the parent/guardian and the student to sign-up for Remind.  (I LOVE it when my parents sign up too!  That way you are in on ALL the information!)

 Step 1: Open your texting app, in the recipient area type in the number 81010

 Step 2: According to what period you are in my class, text the following code to the 81010 number above.

  If you are in 2nd period text -       @2ndpermac

 If you are in 3rd period text-         @3rdpermac

 If you are in 4th period text -        @4thpermac

 If you are in 5th period text -        @5thpermac

 If you are in 6th period text -        @6thpermac

 If you are in 7th period text -        @7thpermac