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Hanny Tiesi Staff Photo



Instructor:        Mrs. H. Tiesi


Planning Period:   2nd


Room#:             M-1


Day phone#         (334) 365-8804








Course Description:


Credit Hour:       1


Prerequisite:      Algebra 1 and Geometry




Required Text and Materials:


Textbook will be issued to students who would like to have it (please make sure to return it before the final exam week).


Textbook:         Algebra 2 (Glencoe)


Workbook:         Algebra 2 Workbook (Glencoe)






The math department is in need of classroom improvement fund. Please help our math teachers out by donating $10 or more. If you can’t afford it, please donate whatever you can. We will use it to buy classroom instructional material to use this year. This is a tax-deductible donation. A receipt will be issued, if requested.




Daily Supply List:  Notebook paper, Graphing paper, Pencils, Erasers, Calculator


Wish List:          Paper Towel, Kleenex, Copy Paper, Dry Eraser markers, Hand Sanitizer




Course Contents: Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (subject to change)


Quarter 1: Algebra 1 review, Chapter 1, Chapter 2


Quarter 2: Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5


Quarter 3: Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8


Quarter 4: Chapter 9, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 (allowed to use Scientific Calculator)


Algebra with Finance (subject to change):

Quarter 1: Algebra 1 Review, Employment, Employment Benefits, Banking Services


Quarter 2: Banking, Budgeting, Basic Vehicle Information, End of Semester Project


Quarter 3: Income Tax parts 1, 2 & 3; Stock Market


Quarter 4: Stock Project, Vehicle Transportation, Real Estate



Grading Policy:


Dishonesty Policy:


No cheating is allowed. Students must do their own work. Cheating includes copying from another student's work, giving and receiving unauthorized help orally or in writing.




Grading Scale:


A = 90 - 100


B = 80 - 89


C = 70 - 79


D = 60 - 69


F = 59 and below




Algebra 2 w/ Trig Grading Evaluation: Grade will be assigned on a 100-point scale:


65% Chapter Tests, individual projects


35% Quizzes, Daily Work, Homework, group projects






Attendance Policy:


1) Be ON TIME. You should be at your desk and be working on Warm-up problem when the tardy bell rings. There is no time for you to go back for materials left in your locker or last class. If you need to finish a test from another teacher, please obtain a note from that teacher and I will allow you to go after you finish with your classwork.


2) Sign the "Attendance Sheet" (this sheet will be circulated among students) daily. By signing this sheet, you acknowledge that you are present and receive all handouts for that day. If your signature is not on the list by the end of the period, you are considered "Absent". I use this Attendance sheet to record your daily scores; therefore, please sign your name legibly.


3) First period students: if you enter the classroom after the tardy bell, please go to the Student Center to check in and obtain a pass.


4) Other periods: If you enter the classroom after the bell, you are already marked "Absent" in INow, make sure to sign the Attendance sheet as soon as you arrive. I will request the Student center to change from "Absent" to "Tardy".




Classroom Routines:


1) Enter classroom quietly.


2) Sit only in your assigned seat. Once the bell begins, do not get out of your seat unless given permission. If you would like to move, please consult with me first (after the first 4 weeks to allow me to know all students' names unless due to medical reason, I will move you right away).


3) Pencils should be sharpened before class begins.


4) Bring some notebook paper, graphing paper, and 2 pencils to class everyday. Students who donate money for classroom improvement will be allowed to use my calculator, if needed.


5) Daily schedule is as follows:


a) Warm-up problem (5 minutes)


b) Review previous day lesson, homework solution (10 minutes)


c) Lecture, Guided Practice & Independent Practice (35 minutes)


6) Handouts schedule:


a) A study guide will not be given. It’s your responsibility to keep up with your notes to study for the test.


b) Additional handouts will be distributed as needed.


7) Daily Grades - Warm-up: After Algebra 1 Review period, the purpose of warm-up problems is to prepare Juniors for ACT in March. A Warm-up problem is posted on the board daily. Write each problem down on a piece of notebook paper (10pts). Show steps (5pts). Correct answer (5pts). Each Warm-up sheet is used for 5 school days, Monday - Friday. There is a time limit. I have the right to give you zero if you turn in late. The weekly average will be input in the grade book.


8) Daily Grades - Classwork: During daily lecture, you are expected to take notes (50 points for writing down daily Notes) and to do all assigned problems (1-10 problems, maximum 50 points) after lecturing. If I observe you and it appears that you don’t take notes, I will request you to turn notes in every day or you won’t earn 50 points for notes.


9) Homework Grade: You need to do homework as soon as I finish each section. Weekly Homework is collected every Friday. Each free homework pass is worth 100 points. No more than 2 Homework passes are allowed to use per grading period. Doing Homework is not an option. Also, no retake on test or use of a calculator (after Quarter 1) if you don’t turn homework in on time (unless your parents would give me an explanation in writing).








10) Quiz and Test: I will try to maintain the following schedule:


a) Lecture new material a whole week.


b) A non-multiple choice Quiz is on the following Tuesday. You might use your notes during a quiz. Quiz will be graded and returned on block day.


c) Chapter Test will be given on Friday. No notes will be allowed during a test or an exam.


Calculator is not allowed for Quarter 1. Scientific calculator will be allowed for Quarter 4.


d) Test retake policy: Each student is allowed to retake a test once if


* the score is lower than his / her current average,


* he / she goes over wrong answers of the previous test with me (BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL or during Activity Period within two weeks after the test is returned),


* turn in classwork and homework for that chapter on time.


The higher score of both will be recorded. After each grading period is ended, no retake of any test for that grading period will be allowed.




11) How to head papers: Every document is turned in without your name (should be written legibly at the top of each document) will be subtracted 5 points from the total score.


Daily Work Sample Heading:


Name: John Powers


1st Period


Date: 8/20/12


Assignment: Daily work #1-5 Page# 1


12) How to turn in daily papers: Daily work should be put in the designated basket at the end of each period. Assigned problems will not be accepted late (unless permission is given for turning in late).


13) How to turn in tests and quizzes: Bring your quiz/test, scratch paper and formula sheet to my desk.


14) All graded paperwork will be returned to you as soon as possible. I will keep your tests and quizzes after you have a chance to review your scores.




Classroom Rules:


1) Make-up work: posted under Assignments/LessonPlans on my website.


a) If you are marked "Unexcused Tardy" or "Unexcused Absence", your grade for missed work during that time will be zero. No make-up work is allowed.


b) If you are marked "Excused Tardy", do the Warm-up problem as soon as you arrive.


c) If you are marked "Excused Absence", you have 3 days after you come back from your absence(s) to make an appointment (within 2 weeks) with me to make up any Warm-up problem, test or quiz during your absence(s). Make-up time is after school until 3:45pm for the week that I don't have duty on my designated tutoring days (Tuesday and Friday) or during Activity Period.


Note: If you know in advance that you are going on a Field Trip, please let me know in advance so that make-up work could be done prior to your absence.


2) Students are NOT allowed to take anything from my desk or out of the classroom, eat, drink, chew gum, use the computer, write notes to each other, move to another location (including throwing the trash prior to the last 5 minutes of class), turn on any electronic equipment without permission, or disturb in any way. All electronic devices (ex: cell phones, IPODs) are NOT allowed in this classroom. If I see or hear any cell phone or IPOD, it will be taken away according to the school policy.


3) Students in the 4th period should follow "Cafeteria" section of the school policy during lunch.






4) NO TALKING during class (especially during a quiz, or a test, Lecture, Guided practice, visitors to the room) unless permission has been given. TALKING is allowed after you finish with your warm-up problem or during Independent practice.


a) Raise your hand if you would like to address any issue (including answering my questions, asking permission to the restroom, to go to the nurse) to me during class.


b) During test / quiz, no talking or disruptive noises are allowed.


c) Talking or being disruptive during a quiz or a test: first offense (verbal warning), second offense (notify parents and 0 on the quiz/test).


5) Every assigned worksheet / activity during my absence will be graded.


6) During Independent Practice, Game, or Group Activity:


a) Move to your assigned group quietly before group activity.


b) You are allowed to discuss math with other students during Independent practice or group activity.


c) If you are chosen to be Game Hosts or Participants, please act responsibly.


d) Class participation is important!!!


e) I will walk around to help all students during Independent Practice or Group Activity. Raise your hand if you have any question but wait for your turn.


f) STOP TALKING as soon as I ask.


7) Do not work on other subjects unless permission is given.


8) Maintain mutual respect in the classroom.


9) Bring all questions and concerns to me either verbally, in writing or by email. I will try to answer all questions as soon as possible.


10) Unless there is an emergency, bathroom visits will be limited to the first and last five minutes of class. Only 1 student is allowed to go at a time. Absolutely no bathroom visit during my lecture, a test or a quiz. You need to sign out when I am absent.


11) Unless there is an emergency, your office visit requests (including a trip to the front office, the nurse, the library, etc...) will be limited to the last five minutes of class AND after you finish your daily Classwork. No guarantee that I will approve each request. However, if I approve, I will provide you a hall pass. Make sure to give me the Hall pass with a signature of an office staff or a faculty after you return.


12) Follow the lunch path and evacuation path (posted on the wall near the entrance) in case of fire drills, tornados, thunderstorm or other emergency alerts. Line up by desk rows and walk out quickly and quietly.


13) Follow the Autauga County Parent - Student Code of Conduct and PHS Handbook rules.




Consequences if any classroom policy is not followed:


First time: Verbal warning and/or break detention.


Second time:


Hallway conference, sign "Classroom Rule Violation Documentation", serve 20-minute Morning Detention, parents need to sign the Detention slip.


Third time: Telephone call to parent/guardian (arranging for a conference if appropriate).


Office referral (for serious offenses, an office referral will be written without following steps 1 - 3).
























The student and his/her parents/guardians hereby acknowledge by our signatures that we have received, read (or had read to us), and understand Mrs. Tiesi’s “Course Syllabus and Classroom Discipline Plan”.




Please keep the Classroom Discipline Plan and the Course Syllabus for your record.




Please sign and return this page to Mrs. Tiesi within 5 days of receiving documents. If you return within 2 days, you would receive 1 free homework pass. Thank you.














________________________________________                _____________________


STUDENT SIGNATURE      PRINTED NAME                              DATE


















_________________________________________              _____________________


PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE, PHONE#, EMAIL                                   DATE






Notes to Parents:


If you have an email address, please provide it to me. I check my email daily and answer all questions in a timely manner.