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Catherine Gornto Staff Photo

Class Syllabus 


Mrs. Gornto -  Algebra with Finance and Algebra 2

Class Expectations

Required Materials      I require a Math Binder for both classes.  Graph paper will be used in both classes.  Text books will be issued and we ask that students take them home for use there.  Please don’t leave them in the car or the bottom of your backpack!!  Students will be issued a math workbook, but there is a $10 replacement cost.

 We are asking that every math student send a $10 classroom improvement donation to provide for purchases that will be used in the math department.  All monies will be spent this school year to benefit your student! 

Requested Materials    I would welcome a ream of copy paper or a package of dry erase markers.  Kleenex, paper towels, Lysol wipes or hand sanitizer would also be greatly appreciated.   You will receive a homework pass for up to 2 items!

Lesson Plans      May be found on the  website.  We will adhere to them as best we can.  You may also sign up for REMIND!  Please see my website for the codes.  They are also posted on the board in my room.  Students and parents may sign up.

Rules     Show respect for yourself, your peers, your teachers and administrators. Show up on time and be prepared to learn.  That means you need to have all required materials including a GOOD ATTITUDE!  Please be aware that bullying, harassment, profanity, cheating and defiance will not be tolerated.  All discipline will be handled according to ACBOE policies and guidelines as set forth in the handbook.

Class Participation     Participation is not optional.  It is part of your grade.  Expect to be called on to answer questions.  Expect to work in groups with your peers.  Expect to do work at the board.  Expect to present material to your classmates. 

Grading Percentages      Major Grade Category: 60%, includes Chapter/ Unit Tests, Projects, 9 Weeks Tests, etc. There will be at least 4 major grades per 9 weeks. Minor Grade Category: 40%, includes quizzes, homework, daily grades and notebooks graded for accuracy. There will be at least 9 of these per 9 weeks.

Chapter Tests, Quizzes, and Homework     Chapter Test dates will be announced well in advance.  Quizzes will not always be announced.  Homework will be checked randomly. If you consistently do all of the homework you will have nothing to worry about; with practice you will increase your chances of being successful.

Make Up Work     The district policy will be followed.  Late Work:   Late homework will not be accepted.  Missed quizzes and tests that are not made up within the ACBOE time period will be given a grade of zero.

And finally, ASK!     If you need help with anything, it is your responsibility to ask for assistance.  Don't let yourself get behind.   I will come to school early in the morning or stay at least 30 minutes after school for extra help.  You must make prior arrangements with me.  You or your parents may email me at  or leave a message for me with the front office of the school.  My planning period is 6th period.  I will typically return calls and emails during that time or after school.