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Lesson Plans and Other Links

Lesson Plans
Mrs. McDaniel's Lesson Plans

Google Classroom

All classes will be using google classroom.  All students need to be signed up for this site.

Code Studio

Code Studio is where all AP CSP work will be done.

Khan Academy

From time to time we will use this website in class.  I suggest students use this website to find further explanations for any topic that we cover in clsss.

College Board

Each AP CSP student will need to create a college board account.  Unless you already have one.  If you have a college board account you just need to be able to sign in to your account.  Use the link to get signed up here.  This web site is where you can find information about your course and the exam associated with your AP courses.  We will use this website to upload our performance tasks in April.  This site is where you will be able to find your Exam scores as soon as they are available.

AP CSP Study Book

This will take you to a PDF of the book I showed in class.  The Essential Knowledge statements begin on page 11 and end on page 37.  It would be a good idea to begin reading a few of these every day to prepare for the AP Exam.