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Stock Market Simulation

quizlet for Ch.12 and 13 voc test

GDP nominal and real

GDP deflator

AP Government
Practice AP Test Online
You can join for free to receive access to online timed multiple choice AP government exams.  Save your user name and password.  Do not pay anything!  If you have trouble, let me show you how to register.

College Board

Remind for AP Gov

Civic Literacy Quiz

Election Game

Phil Davison speech

CSPAN Money in Elections

Use this website to review the videos we watched in class as well as links to the articles I distributed and a few others I did not print.

Pew Research Political Ideology Quiz

Campaign Ads - The Living Room Candidate

Congressional Simulation 2017

Master Study Quizlet for AP Exam

Hip Hughes AP Gov review

Here's the video we started watching in class on Wednesday, 5/3.  We watched about the 1st 30 minutes.  Good overview and might be helpful in filling in some of the gaps in knowledge.

C-SPAN Review 2017 AP Gov test

Real or Fake News?

NY TIMES-Cost of Campaigns

Minute Government

Amendments 1-27 quizlet

CrashCourse #35 Political Ideology

crash course #34 ap gov public opinion

LRC playlist

15 Court Cases

Honors Government
Divided Government cartoon

Complete assignment discussed in class.  If you don't have it, look under files, honors gov.

Campaign Ads

2016 Election Game

PARENT Ideology Quiz

Party ID Pew Research Quiz

Pew Research News IQ quiz

2016 Pew Research STUDENT ideology quiz

Students only!  We are going to study our group results and the parents do not need to be included in this quiz.  Parents should take the quiz provided in the other link

The Cabinet

Remind for Honors Gov and Econ

Final Vocab Quizlet Link - Part I

Final Vocab List Part II

amendment review

Fun Government Links
Barney recites the Preamble


Who voted for Hillary and The Donald?!?!

Get the Facts!


Facebook and the Election (red-blue feed)

AP Econ
Adam Smith/Intro to Economics

Circular Flow Theory

Remind for AP Econ

Circular Flow Welker (GDP)

Map Skills
US Map Locations Quizlet

Location Song