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Algebra 1 A/B Syllabus - Algebra I-A(Archived)
Due Date: 8/9/2017
Subject: Algebra I-A

Combo Algebra 1 A/B Syllabus

Instructor: Lisa McDaniel 


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Algebra I is a formal, in-depth study of algebraic concepts and the real number system. In this course, students develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for algebraic properties and operation. Algebra I will reinforce concepts learned earlier, as well as prepare students for further study in mathematics.


Each subject is a year’s course covered in one semester. In order to cover this material, you will attend my class for 2 periods each day. This class is on a block schedule.  (Algebra 1 A– 1st semester / Algebra 1 B – 2nd semester)



1.            Composition Book

2.            Pencils and erasers for completing assignments.  Pens for checking work only.

3.            Calculators will be not be allowed in the beginning of class.  However, students will be

allowed to use calculators toward the end of semester 1. 

4.            $10 Math Dept Improvement Donation (for all Math Dept Students)


NOTE: Cash or Checks made payable to PHS



We always need Kleenex, Paper Towels, Lysol/Clorox Wipes, Copy Paper (white or colorful), and Expo Markers.  These items are ESSENTIAL for our classroom.


CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS:  You are expected to follow the behavior rules and guidelines outlined in the handbook. You can do this by remembering the following:

      Respect yourself

      Respect the teacher

      Respect your classmates

      Respect the learning process

      Respect school property




      No food or drink is allowed in the classroom.  This includes candy.

       Water is allowed in the classroom.

      Cell phones, mp3 players, and headphones are NOT ALLOWED.

      Makeup work for excused absences is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

I am here to help you by being available for questions and conversation – PLEASE ASK!!



 1st / 3rd 9-weeks Grading Period  Minor grades – 40%

 Major Grades – 40%

Midterm Exam – 20% - Due to the semester time frame for this course, the combination of the Major Grades and Midterm Exam will equal 60%. 

      2nd / 4th 9-weeks Grading Period

 Minor grades – 40%

 Major Grades – 60%

      Final Exam – December/May



               90-100 = A      60-69 = D

                80-89 = B        59-below = F

70-79 = C


      Algebra 1 A Midterm: End of the 1st nine-week grading period (Early October)

      Algebra 1 A Final: December


      Algebra 1 B Midterm: End of the 3rd nine-week grading period (Early March)

      Algebra 1 B Final: May


 Students will be eligible to be exempt from the FINAL EXAM if they meet the exemption criteria. Please be aware that ONE absence counts as TWO in my class due to the “block schedule” we follow. **Attendance will start over in January for Algebra 1 B.

      No more than 5 absences with an A average

      No more than 3 absences with a B average

      No more than 2 absences with a C average




Communication is critical in this class. Remind has two great benefits.

1.      Keeps you informed

2.      Allows you to text me with questions and/or concerns


SIGN UP NOW!!  Text your class’s code to 81010.




Mrs. McDaniel’s Algebra I A/B Syllabus 

To the Parent:

Please read and discuss this material with your son or daughter.  It is very important to me, as the instructor, that you and your child understand the expectations and requirements of this course.

I appreciate your support and look forward to a very productive year.

Please return this page to me signed by the end of the first week of school.


*I have read and reviewed with my child the information regarding Mrs. McDaniel’s expectations and content.


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Parent Signature                                            Date


*I have read, reviewed, and understand the information regarding Mrs. McDaniel’s Combo Class.


Student Name (PLEASE PRINT)

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