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How To Be A Person poem
Due Date: 1/25/2019
Subject: English 10

TIME TO WRITE                                                                                                                             


DIRECTIONS: Now it is time for you to write your own “recipe on how to be a person”. Utilizing your handout/poem as an exemplar, write at least a seven stanza version of your own poem. Below is another example you can read and imitate.



How to be a person!

By Jasmine (10th grade)


One: Be like the world,  

Strong even if you’re ugly on the inside.

Be strong because if you aren’t you won’t be able to succeed.


Two: Be like the clouds, cry if you have to because pain inside, will kill you.

The clouds cry too!


Three: Be like the wind, invisible to those who don’t like you

so that you can blow on their faces to let them know that you

aren’t weak like they thought you were.


Four: Be like the sky, blue so that others who are younger admire you,

so that others look up to you, and show them that you can achieve what you want.


Five: Be like the doors, Open just in case someone wants you to let them in, but if you feel like that person is not worth your time

and if you feel like that person doesn’t treat you the right way don’t let them in.


Six: Don’t be like the planet ‘Pluto’ far far away so that no one will notice you, because one day they will forget you.

Get Closer to the world don’t fear to be wrong.


Seven: Don’t be like the grass, on the ground so that everyone who walks would always step on you with their dirty shoes. Stand up from there!